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Monday, 16 December 2013

On the 16th day of December ........

 ....... things are definitely getting festive

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a good weekend ..... I need another one to get over the last one, but the next one is hurtling towards us ..... FAST!!  I can't believe that it's Christmas in a little over A WEEK!!!!!  Still soooo much to do.  My Christmas cards are in the post though - whoo hoo!!!  All done and dusted this morning, apart from the odd one.  And we have more festive goodies too  (yum! yum!) .....

We took a ride over to Port St Mary at the weekend to the Cocoa Red Chocolaterie.  What a cute little place it was too .... full of festive fayre, all handmade on the island.  I wonder how long this lot will last! 

After a call from the big man in the red suit last week (I bet you didn't know I was one of Santa's little helpers now did you!) I was given the very important job of updating THE LIST ready for Santa's visit to the Poker Stars Kids Christmas Party over the weekend.

Every year I get to do the list ....... There's a Naughty side and a Nice side .......

and of course I had to check it twice, to make sure that a certain little man was in there .......

It's always a  big responsibility ...... but I managed it!
Santa's list for 2013, all done and ready to go .....

Here's the big guy himself arriving at the party (see ...... he has the list)

We had one very excited little man, who wasn't very happy about having to wait his turn ........

but eventually we got there ......
just checking to see he's on the list
yep! there I am

Santa gave the kids sleigh bells, and told them that if they ever need to speak to Santa all they have to do is ring the bell and he'll be able to hear them ......... awwww!

Oh well, back to the craft room, I've still got lots to do.  It's a short week this week too ...... we're off to the UK on Thursday.  I have a craft playday on Friday, and a Christmas party in the evening.  Then it's over to Sheffield to pick up Chris and bring him home for Christmas.  It's a while since all the family has been together for the whole of the festive season, I'm really looking forward to it.

Thanks for popping by today.  Enjoy the rest of your Monday.

Cheerio for now


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