Tuesday 28 May 2013

Update from Italia and a little sneaky peek ...

Good morning, and a Happy Tuesday everyone,

Did you all have a good Bank holiday weekend?  From what I can gather the weather's been nice over in the UK -  I don't feel as guilty now, that we've had glorious blue skies, lovely warm sunshine and a cooling breeze coming off the lake.

I did have a little accident over the weekend though - I fell coming back into the villa - NO! I hadn't had too much red wine (not this time  haha!).
We'd been out for the evening, and we'd decided to walk to the local restaurant.  As our villa is on the banks of the lake, it's quite a steep walk up to the main road.  There are steps so it's not too bad, just takes a while.  Anyhow, we had our meal overlooking the lake, at a place called La Meridiana - a friendly little place, where the food is delicious.
Instead of getting a cab back we thought we'd walk it again - at least it was all downhill this time.  It was a lovely stroll down to the lake (I was so careful on the stone steps), then we took the walkway all the way back to our villetta.  We walked into the reception area then .....  bam!  I slipped on the last step.  Down I went.  Stephen didn't quite know what had happened, but he came and helped me up.  My right ankle swelled like a balloon ........ it could only happen to me, I'm such a klutz!!!
Nothing broken though, and no other damage done, so I'm fine.   A day resting in the sun, by the lake has done me a world of good.  All the fussing over me was nice too!!!

A quick reminder that it's my turn to post on the Craftwork Cards Blog today.  See ..... I am still working while I'm over here.  It's not all Chianti and Tiramisu you know!
Here's a little sneaky peek of what's on there .......

Lots of lace and bows ....... using the new Tea Dance Collection - very pretty!  Feel free to pop over and take a proper look, it's always nice to see you over there.

Back in the Isle of Man, the 2013 TT Races are getting underway this week, with Practice Week in full swing by now (that's if the weather's holding out I suppose). 
John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey.  Start of the first practice session
The island was getting prepared before we left.  Fans were already starting to arrive, and the competitors too.  Christopher got quite excited when John McGuinness came to the bar for a pint last week.
It was one of the reasons for hubby and I getting away these two weeks, we're not really motorbike fans.  So we've left poor old Christopher at home to fend for himself.  I made sure there was food in the fridge, plenty of beer and left him some spare cash so he should be fine.

Well, that's me from me.   I think we may try a trip up to Bellagio today.  Maybe take a boat trip out onto the lake.

Thanks for popping by.  Enjoy the rest of your day.



Sunday 26 May 2013

Ciao!! From the banks of Lake Como

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post.  I thought I'd check in and let you know that we arrived safely at our Italian destination.  This is home for the next 2 weeks .......
..... the beautiful Lake Como Beach Resort and Villas in Pognana Lario on the banks of Lake Como.

Wow!!!  Is all I can say.  The place is just like I imagined, the scenery is stunning.  It was a bit grey and overcast when we arrived on Saturday, but just look at what we woke up to on Sunday morning .....

Apparently George Clooney has a villa on the lake, just across from where we are ........

I gave him a wave this morning, just in case he was home.  If I happen to bump into him whilst I'm here, you'll be the first to hear about it!!!

After a quick trip into Como itself, to stock up on groceries, plus a little stop for coffee ......

....... we spent  this afternoon sat on the banks of the lake, enjoying the sunshine with a nice cheeky bottle of italian red, followed by a plate of the local antipasti - this is the life!!

Thanks for popping by today.  I'll keep you posted on my Italian adventure.

Godetevi il weekend festivo. Vedi tutti a presto


Friday 24 May 2013

I'm leaving ..... on a jet plane

Hi there,

Just a quick post from me this morning.
The old craft room door is offically CLOSED for two weeks (sigh!)
The suitcases are packed - finally, everything's been crossed off the list. All we need to do now is to get to the airport on time.

This is where I'll be for the next 14 days ..........

Before I dash off though I've one more thing to share with you ......... this month's ATC's for the regular monthly swap over on Julie's Blog.
A group of us send off our ATC's to Julie who then sorts through them and kindly sends out the swaps.  Simple.
Each month we have a theme to follow.  This month it's ....... Pastel Colours

This is what I've sent .......

I've finally got around to using some of my new JOFY stamps which I've had for ages and just haven't had the time to play.
These little mini ones (JM 09, 10 & 11) are perfect for making ATC's, they're just a nice size.

I stamped the images onto white card, coloured them using my Distress markers and then cut around the edge leaving a small border. I've stamped the images again and cut out various bits to layer and add a bit of dimension

A touch of Glamour Dust adds a bit of sparkle here and there, and there's also a touch of glossy accents too.

They've each been mounted onto a piece of card that's been inked with matching Distress ink and stamped using the mesh from one of the large JOFY stamp sets (JOFY 12).  Then attached to an ATC sized piece of black cardstock.   The words are from the  JOFY 11 set of stamps.  There's loads of seperate words on this set, so you can put them together however you like, make your own sentiments.  Really useful.

Well that's about it from me.  It's nearly time to leave for the airport. 

Don't worry I will pop in and say Hi over the course of the next two weeks.  My regular weekly DT posts for Indigo Blu and Creative Studios will also be there, (I've been given a pass for today on Creative Studios.  Sam thought I may be a little busy).   You'll also find a  little something from me on the Craftwork Cards Blog next Tuesday.  See, it's not all relaxing and enjoying myself while I'm away.

Thanks for popping by today.  
Avere un bel fine settimana. (Have a lovely weekend)
Ciao per ora (bye for now)


Thursday 23 May 2013

One more day to go .........

Morning everyone,

It's nearly time to close the old craft room door. A tidy up and a quick skoosh with the vaccum cleaner is all that's left to do in there.   I'm going to miss the place while I'm away.  I have stashed the new Stampin Up This and That journal, new rotary stamp, and a couple of small inkpads in my suitcase though, just in case! There's not much in the way of clothes in there yet though,  that's this afternoon's job.

One of the important things on the 'To Do' list was my May tag ....... for 12 Tags of 2013. I wasn't going to miss one now was I!
It was the same rush as ever to get this finished, only this time it's a week early.

I wasn't too sure when I first saw this, but I soon decided which stamp I wanted to use.  I did pretty well actually this month, with the supplies list.  The only thing I didn't have was the colour of alcohol ink Tim had used, and I realised I hadn't replenished my crinkle ribbon. So not too bad there.

Here's my finished tag .......

I love this stamp!!!  She's been in my stash since March, waiting to be used, and I thought she'd be perfect for this project.

I followed Tim's step by step using his new Remnant Rubs and inking with the Distress Stains.  These rub ons are sooo cool and I love how they resist the stains.

I went for a pale blue alcohol ink to use on the enamelled tag before adding more rub ons - love the mottled look .......

And I decided to attach my word band using some of the stained ribbon that I'd made for the tag, it gave it a softer look I think.

I'm really pleased how she's turned out.  I wasn't to keen when I started, but now it's finished I think she's one of my favourites.

Well that's it for today.  I've got one more crafty post for you tomorrow, then it's arrivederci!  from me.

Thanks for popping by.  Have a lovely Thursday.

Cheerio for now


Wednesday 22 May 2013

I haven't done this in a while ........

Happy Wednesday everyone,

It is Wednesday isn't it?! Yes!  There's just not enough hours in the day for me this week, or days in the week come to that! 

I've been so busy in the old craft room but finally everything is done - even my Timmie Tag (whoo hoo!!) I can go away on holiday and RELAX!  That's if I ever get the packing done. At this rate all I'll be taking is a toothbrush and my Mac Book!

I've been that busy this week that I've only just noticed  I have 3 new followers.  Hello and Welcome ladies to my little piece of Blogland.  Thank you for joining me on my crafty journey, it's nice to have you along.  (I seem to have waited all that time for 1, and then 3 come along all at once -  yeah!!)

Here's something I haven't done in a while ......... a Less Is More challenge.

When I saw this weeks challenge I just couldn't resist ....... It's a Theme week, and the theme is   

Cats and/or Dogs

The girls want to see cards featuring our favourite pets, so here's mine ......

We haven't had a pet in a while but, I'm definitely a cat person. This card is so quick and easy, I think it took me longer to take the photograph than it did to make the card.

I simply stamped the Lavinia Black Cat onto a 6x6 cardblank , using Versafine ink.  The little butterfly (Lavinia too) has been stamped using Versamark then I dusted Blue Patina Perfect Pearls over the top and added a few dots of glitter glue for a touch of sparkle

The sentiment is from Tim Holtz.

This Lavinia stamp so reminds me of my little pal Spot. Unfortunately he's no longer with us, but he had a good innings! He was with us nearly 17 years.
We got him when Christopher (my eldest) started school.  The taxi driver that took him to school every morning had all these kittens and he gave us first choice.  Christopher chose the only black one. 

We had to call him Spot ......... wait for it ........... after Data's cat on Star Trek!!!!  Oh yes ..... not only is my other half a games fanatic, and likes to play Warhammer, but he's also a Trekkie! (don't you just love him!)  I've been to a Star Trek Convention - for a whole weekend!!!  But that's another story.

Spot was my cat really.  I was the only one who could pick him up, we wouldn't let anyone else near him (clever lad!!)  He used to sit in my craft room with me, usually on the desk, whether it was full of stuff or not.  He would regularly walk around covered in glitter, the kids used to say it would do nothing for his street cred.  He used to sleep in there during the day while I was at work.  He always did find the warmest spot.

What is it they say, Dogs have Masters, Cats have Staff.  That's so true.

Oh well, must dash.  I'm off to the Post Office this morning, lots of crafty parcels to send.  Followed by  a bit of last minute holiday shopping and then I'm meeting a friend for coffee.

I'll be back again tomorrow with my Timmie Tag - I couldn't go on holiday without doing that now could I!!

Thanks for popping by today. Enjoy you Wednesday.

Cheerio for now


PS   Redanne, if you're reading this I have an apolopgy to make.  I'm so sorry, I deleted one of your lovely comments - by accident of course!  It was on my post from yesterday - my Forever 21 Blog challenge card.
I'd been moderating comments on the IB Blog, came back to my own and pressed the wrong button - arggghhhh!!!!  Before I could do anything the comment was gone.  You can imagine my reaction ........ if you'd like to leave it again I promise I'll publish it this time.  Roll on Friday - it's time I had a break I think. x

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Backgrounds, Backgrounds, Backgrounds!!

Good morning!

Happy Tuesday.  It's the 21st of the month again (where does time go!!)   That means there's a new Indigo Blu Forever 21 Challenge.   This month's theme is ..........

Backgrounds Galore!!

We'd like you to use your Indigo Blu stamps to create your backgrounds - so no patterned papers!   There's so many to choose from.    Use more than one, try different techniques, or just stick to your favourite.  The decision is yours. You don't have to stick to actual background stamps either ...... try using one of your Indigo Blu images stamped in the background.

Before I show you my DT offering for this month, who won the last challenge?
Funny you should ask ........   CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  to (drumroll please ........)

Number  24 ........ sue the iron  
Well done Sue, enjoy your prize.   
Thanks to everyone that took part again. It's great seeing all of your amazing projects using the Indigo Blu range.  I can't wait to see what you all come up with this month.

Here's mine ...

I've used 2 of my favourite Indigo Blu Background stamps -  Script and Crackleglaze

For the main background  I inked a piece of White Stamping Card using Shaded Lilac, Peacock Feathers and Picked Raspberry Distress Inks.  I do love my Distress and one of my favourite things to do is, once the card is covered in ink, I splash drops of water over the top, leave for a few seconds then mop up the excess using a kitchen roll.  This takes some of the colour out of the card giving that 'splattered' look.  A really quick and easy way to add interest to your backgrounds.

I then used the Crackle Background and stamped randomly around the edge with Versamark ink. I didn't use my Slim Jim this time, instead I just rolled the stamp over the card as I wanted the design to be quite patchy.  I then brushed over with Blue Patina Perfect Pearls to bring out the design, and then overstamped with the Crackle again, this time using Black Versafine, to add the look of another layer ......

The main focal point of my card has also been made using a background stamp.  I cut a square from the middle of a piece of copy paper and used this as a mask to ink the centre of another piece of white card.  Then with the mask still in place I stamped the Script Background, and then added some ink splats using part of the Ledger Background stamp (oooh ........ squeezed another one in there)

The pretty little butterfly is an Indigo Blu design that came free with a copy of Craft Stamper magazine last year. I use this soooo much!   I've stamped it over the edge of the centre panel and then again on a seperate piece of card and coloured this using the Distress inks.  It's then been cut out and layered over the top.

To finish it all off I added the word Dream (from Sarah's Choice) and more of the crackle around the edges just to bring the whole design together.

Hope you like it and that it inspires you to give the challenge a go.  You've got until 8.00pm June 20th to create something fabulous using Backgrounds Galore!!   Have fun ...... there's another great prize up for grabs this month too.

Thanks for popping by today.  Have a great week, and Gook luck with the challenge.

Cheerio for now


Monday 20 May 2013

Whoo Hoo!!! 100 Followers!

Happy Monday everyone,

Hope you've had a good weekend?  I survived the shopping trip for holiday clothes.  I even got most of what I was looking for which was a bonus.

This week is going to be sooooo busy -  the 'to do' list just keeps getting longer.
We go away on holiday on Friday so I'm trying to get organised.  It's busy busy busy in the old craft room (no change there then).  My kitchen looks like a chinese laundry there's that much washing and ironing, and  I haven't even thought about the packing yet!!!
But, I'm not going to panic.  I'm celebrating!  I've finally reached  my 100 followers - yeah!!
Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to read and leave comments on my blog posts over the last year or so.    And as promised I can now reveal which one of you is going to receive my 'Thank You' Blog Candy .........
Now my other half is a big board games fan, and over the years has collected just a few types of dice ......
A bit of a strange thing to collect, but he does use them.
Included in there are percentile dice, two 10 sided dice one for the 10's and one for the units ...... you roll both at the same time to give you a number between 1 and 100

My son Chris kindly volunteered to roll them for me ................ and the winner is ........
Number 41!!  Working my way throught the list of you all, right from the very beginning, the follower who is 41st on the list is .........
khayselden (aka .... kassa)

Well done Karen, I hope you like your candy.  Just pop me an email with your address where to send your box of goodies (see the 'Contact Me' page above).  If you get in touch before Thursday I can get it in the post before I go away.  If not, then it will be first job on my list when I get back.  Thank you again, and enjoy!

Well, that's my week off to a great start.
I'll be back tomorrow with details of the new Indigo Blu Forever 21 Blog Challenge.  There's still time to enter the current one, if you haven't already done so.   It closes at 8pm this evening, and the winner will be announced tomorrow, when Challenge #4 is launched.

Thanks for popping by today.  Enjoy the rest of your Monday and I'll see you again tomorrow.

Cheerio for now


Friday 17 May 2013

How's your week been .........?

Happy Friday,

This is becoming a bit of a habit .... only one post a week.  Don't worry once things have settled down a bit and the holidays are over, things will change.  I WILL start posting more regularly! Hopefully I'll get that new follower too that takes me to 100.  Don't forget that when I do there's Blog Candy for one of you!

This week has just flown by, what with lots of DT stuff to do, ATC's to make for the monthly swap I'm part of, my regular DT Blog posts and of course Alex has been with us.  Things have been a little bit hectic around here.  

Where do I start .......... I've been busy working away on samples for the next Indigo Blu shows on Create & Craft.  Kay's back on our screens on Sunday, the 19th, at 10am with a Rubber stamping show ....... that means lots of tips and techniques and of course ..... new stamps!  They're all fabulous.  Here's a couple of sneaky peeks ....

Then she's also back at 3pm with a special Wedding Show.  Loads of ideas on how to create matching wedding stationary using the fabulous Indigo Blu range .....
Considering I had a little helper in the craft room, things went reasonably smoothly, and all my samples were finished just in time - phew!
We even found time for a drive down to The Sound, and the Calf of Man.  This is one of the most picturesque places in the south of the Island, and the surrounding waters are full of wildlife.

We were lucky enough to see the seals this time, enjoying the waters and sunbathing on the rocks .....
splish! splash!

soaking up those rays .......

Somethimes you can even see dolphins and basking sharks down there too.
We've been down there when the weather's been bad and the sea gets quite lively.  Apparently there's been quite a few ships that have sunk around the Calf and the wrecks are now popular with divers.
We had quite a busy day ....... someone got to snooze in the car on the way home ......
it's alright for some!

We also had our usual walk in one of the many Glens on the Island.  This time we ventured into Molly Quirk's Glen in Onchan.
Legend has it that Molly was robbed and murdered in the glen, and her ghost can sometimes been seen in there.  Fortunately she wasn't around while we were down there ......
We did try to spot some fish though, and Alex tried his hand at 'pooh sticks' which he thought was fun.
He's back in the UK now, so it's all quiet again around here. I do miss my little helper though.

A quick reminder before I go, I've posted on the Creative Studios DT Blog today.  It's been busy on there this week, my new teamies have all been posting.  There's some fabulous projects on there from the girls, looks like they're settling in nicely.

Thanks for popping by.  Have a great weekend.  Mine's going to be a busy one.  I've got DT projects to do, blog posts to schedule, and I have to spend tomorrow SHOPPING!!! - oh joy!!   I need to go and buy holiday clothes ......... I'd rather be buying stamps and ink - I don't like shopping for summer clothes.  Wish me luck!

Cheerio for now


Friday 10 May 2013

Friday Catch Up

Hi there,

Well, it's Friday, and it's my first blog post of the week - shame on me!  I'm rubbish at this at the moment.  I'll never get my followers to 100 if I don't give them something to follow!!!!
Speaking of which, I've put together some Blog Candy ........... my way of saying Thank You to you guys for taking the time, and supporting my little place in Blogland.

Lindy Lou's Blog Candy
One of you will receive this little bundle of some of my favourite things - there's some stamps (had to be!) one of my favourite Studio 490 stencils, lots of lovely embellies and a copy of this months Craft Stamper magazine, the best crafty read on the market (in my opinion).  You'll all be in with a chance, I just need to get to the magic number - 100.  That's just 2 more!!  Come on, you can do it!!

So, what's been going on this week?  Well, it's been all systems go in the old craft room.  Not only have I been busy playing working hard, but, I also decided to have a major clean up/sort out of the place!!!
Why, in the middle of doing show samples, I'll never know.  But, things were piling up in the rest of the house and Mr Postie wasn't helping.  What with week's latest craft purchases .......

 gorgeous new Design Team bundles arriving .....
(Just look at the new Tea Dance Collection from Craftwork Cards .......
 .......... how pretty is that!! Can't wait to get started with this one)

and ...... there's hubby's new found love of eBay!!!,  we're virtually on first name terms me and Mr. Postman.

Stephen has decided to start up an old hobby again and has been spending quite a bit of time (and money!) on eBay bidding for new bits and bobs.  The worrying thing is, he wants me to help him set it all up!!! Hmmmm ........ he reckons I'll be perfect for the job because it involves paints and stuff!
Not sure that painting WarHammer scenery and figures is as much fun as what I normally get up to in the old craft room.  Which, by the way, he's not sharing!!!   Oh, and he's also mentioned doing a guest spot on here!!!!!!  We'll see about that too. 

And, on that note ..... I must dash.  I've got my weekly blog post to do over at Creative Studios.  We've got 3 new DT members started this week and I can't wait to see their creations.  They'll be introducing themselves over the course of next week.  Please pop over and say Hi, I'm sure they'd love to hear from you.
Before I go, here's a little sneaky peek of this weeks creation from me ........ I've been playing with Sam's latest stamps again and some of the new products available from the website.

 If you want to see more check out the DT blog this afternoon.

This weekend is going to be a busy one.  My little bundle of gorgeousness arrives with his mum this evening.
Yes, Alex is back on the island for a few days, so what doesn't get finished in the old craft room today may have to be abandoned for a while, my attention will be needed elsewhere. Cake, peese Gannma - how can you resist!

Enjoy the rest Friday, and have a lovely weekend.

Cheerio for now