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Thursday, 10 July 2014

What a show .....

Happy Wednesday ....... oops! sorry it's Thursday over there isn't it

Well, whatever day it is when you're reading this ..... I hope it's a good one.

We've had a lazy day today (Wed) ..... it was a bit of a late one last night!!!

We ventured over to the Rio Hotel yesterday for a peek at what was going on at the WSOP (World Series of Poker)  Not very exciting really .... just a load of people playing cards ..... with A LOT of money at stake!

Then last night was dinner and a show, and we finished the day with a bit of fun on the Poker tables ..... if you can call it fun!  As usual I took a beating early on ...... think I have a good hand, get all my money in, but by the time the river (final) card comes out I ain't winning anymore!!  
I do have patience though (and hubby has the cash!) ...... and by the time we left at 3.30am  things weren't too bad ..... phew!!!

The show we saw was Rock of Ages ......... and we had a great time.

A classic Rock love story ..... great music, brilliant cast,  and hilarious script ........ we had great seats too!

pictures taken from Google
Today's been a little quieter ..... we watched the football (not as exciting as yesterday's game), relaxed at the hotel, and now it's time to choose where to go for dinner ...... it's a hard life!!

Until next time ......... Cheerio from Las Vegas!


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