Friday, 27 January 2012

Tapas and cake

January is a busy month for birthdays in our family, the two most important ones being the kids.  One of the reasons for going across to the UK was so that we could all get together and celebrate Lauren's and Christopher's birthdays.  After the craft workshop on Saturday, Stephen, Lauren and I set off over to Sheffield to meet Christopher.  We'd booked a table at a Tapas place, and a hotel so we could stay overnight - had a feeling that no-one would be in any state to drive back the same night!

Had a fab meal.  I love tapas.  We all ate far too much, and the sangria was flowing all night.  I'd managed to drop off a cake without them knowing so they were a little embarrassed when that was brought out.  We ended the night in a 90's club which brought back a few memories (and made me feel a little old!)  It's nice to know that the kids don't mind being seen out with their parents. 

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