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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Why not finish on a HIGH ......


And what an early one it is for me.  I'm not used to this getting up with the birds lark.  It's been 2 weeks of relaxing mornings, with coffee by the lake while we decide what we're doing/where we're off to that day.

Oh well (BIG sigh!).  All good things must come to an end so they say.  So ......  it's stupid o'clock, the birds are singing, and I'm blogging!!! Just wanted to fill you in with the last of my Italian Adventure.

Well I said we were going to make the most of yesterday, didn't I    Where did we end up then - ST MORITZ!   That's right, we had a 'quick' drive over to Switzerland.  Stephen wanted to see some real mountains, so we headed into the Alps.

Oh boy!! He certainly got mountains.

We drove up to Bellagio and caught the ferry across to Varenna, then we drove the 100 (ish)  mile trip across the Italy/Swiss border and headed up the Maloja Pass to St Moritz.

What a fabulous drive, breathtaking scenery all the way ......

and lots of mountains ........

I wasn't too sure about the pass though ....... I don't really do heights ......

You can see how the road winds it's way up.  We were already pretty high up but this thing went up to 5955 feet - now that's high!
But, we drove up there .......
wiki picture
Steep climbs, and hairpin bends at every turn, I'm glad the other half was driving.  Eventually we reached the top .......

Wow!!! Stephen saw his mountains.

We had dinner in St Moritz, then of course we had to drive back.  I didn't fancy going back down there in the dark so we didn't have much time to look around.   We headed off back to Lake Como ....

And there it is ........ My Italian Adventure. 

The bags are all packed and it's time to say Goodbye to Lake Como and leave for the airport.  It's been a fabulous 2 weeks, we've really enjoyed the break - seen a few places too.  It's back to the UK and time to plan the next one.

Thanks for sharing it all with me, and for the last time ......

Un sacco di amore dalle rive del Lago di Como xxx

Have a great weekend.  hope the sun's shining when I get there.



  1. ...gorgeous piccy's Linda, an adventure indeedy, I cannot believe your two week have passed, where did the time go?! journey home...Melxx :)

  2. Wow Linda, your photos of the whole holiday have been brilliant but this day they are amazing!! What lovely memories you will have.... Hugs, Anne x

  3. Fantastic photos....I too have enjoyed your holiday ....yes we have had sun this journey home....crafty hugs, Jo. X

  4. Fabulous photos, what a wonderful holiday you must of have.

    Regards diane


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