Thursday, 27 March 2014

What a day .......

Happy Thursday folks (what's left of it!)

It's been quite a day here ....... I've been working against the clock all day making sure that everything's finished, blog posts are done and scheduled, DT projects all done and dusted, and I've tried to leave the old craft room tidy so that I can have a clean start next week. I've even cleared a 'small' space to put all that new stash I'll be bringing home with me at the weekend (hehe!!) 

Not only have I been up against time today, but I've had to keep stopping to answer the flippin' phone!!  The other half must have had a quiet day at work because he seems to have spent most of the morning looking at holiday deals ........ he found one eventually that was too good to miss - apparently!

Looks like we're off to Las Vegas ..........  Disneyland for grown ups!!

We're off on our travels again in July (we'll be there for hubby's birthday) ...... so it's going to be a HOT one!  We've got 11 nights though, staying at my favourite hotel ..... the fabulous Palazzo

I'd better start saving my pennies ..... it's only 14 weeks away!!  So .... maybe not that much stash to make room for ..... yeah right!!  And so the countdown begins.

Back to the present though .... I'm really looking forward to this weekend, not only have I got Port Sunlight, but it's Mother's Day on Sunday and the whole family is getting together for a Mum's meal out.  There'll be 3 generations of Walmsley mum's around the table ....... there'll be Stephen and I with our two (Chris is coming up from Sheffield - my baby!).  Lauren with the little one, and also Stephen's Mum and Dad will be there.  It's not often that we all get together so it'll be nice.
Mind you, if things carry on like this, I'm going to be the size of a small house BEFORE I get Vegas.  Hubby treated me to a lovely meal out this evening at MacFarlane's again in Douglas ....... duck spring rolls (yum!) followed by halibut with manx scallops and asparagus (delicious!) finished off with Chocolate Fondant with  homemade orange and dark chocolate ice cream (nom! nom!).  All accompanied with 2 bottles of a rather cheeky little white number (hic!)  ...... oh well, the diet can start tomorrow I suppose .... or Monday maybe.

Speaking of tomorrow ..... another busy day ahead.  I've got a friend coming round in the morning for coffee and craft, and a good old catch up.  Then, it's my day to post on the Creative Studios DT Blog ....... here's a sneaky peek for you .......

And of course I have a plane to catch.  So, just in case I don't get chance to blog, have a great weekend, and a  Happy Mother's Day to all you mum's out there. If you're going along to Port Sunlight on Saturday and you see me, probably lurking somewhere around the IndigoBlu stand, just tap me on the back and say Hi!

Thanks for popping by......... hubby's got classical music on the computer so I think it's time for bed ..... Night Night!  Cheerio until next time


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