Friday, 17 October 2014

What's been going on .........

Happy Friday,

Remember me!?
In case you're wondering where I've been ...... no I haven't been off on my travels again, although I had planned to be across in the UK for a few days ........... I've spent most of this week fighting off some dreaded lurgy that I must have picked up last weekend ....... not good!!!

I've been on my own too (sigh!) ....... Hubby's been in Ireland all week, on business.
I had all sorts planned for this week, craft sessions, shopping and lunch out, a quick trip to the UK, and I've not managed to do any of it ...... at least I didn't feel guilty for spending most of my time in bed with a hot water bottle and good old Beecham's!  Not very exciting ... but it seems to have done the trick! I'm finally starting to feel human again (almost!), so I thought I'd better catch up with you all before hubby gets home this evening.

So ..... what's been going on ..... what have I missed?

Those of you who read and follow the IndigoBlu DT Blog will probably have noticed that I haven't posted for a couple of weeks ...... no need to panic I'm still part of the team, it's just that I've decided to take some time off from the DT ...... I don't know if you've noticed but my heart hasn't really been in things lately, not just DT stuff, everything in general, and my head is definitely not in the right place.
After a very long, and emotional, chat with Kay, I've decided to take a sabbatical.  I'm still keeping up with all the new releases etc., from IndigoBlu, and obviously I'm still going to be using all the fab products, I just won't be doing any blog posts etc., for a while (except on here of course) I'm sure the rest of the IndigoBlu DT will keep you all entertained, and inspired with their regular weekly posts ..... you won't miss me at all!  And I'll still be keeping an eye on the Blog Challenge too!
Plus .... you don't get rid of me that easy ...... I believe some of my DT pieces are in print again this month ..... more about those later.

I'm going to be spending some 'me' time.  No deadlines, well, just the odd one or two.   No pressure, time to do stuff for me, and enjoy some of my new stash that's been building up lately (I hope!) And also time for the everyday stuff too ...... spend more time with the family .... enjoy that beautiful grandson of mine! Fingers crossed I can get my mojo back too!

Before this lurgy knocked me for six,  I had some fun with my Gelli plate, inspired by the fabulous Barbara Gray, and in the great company of some lovely crafty buddies on the island ........ meet Jill, Lil, and Maggie. As you can see we took over the kitchen for the day ...... loads of fun!!

Then last weekend I put together a little workshop project for our craft group.  Do you remember last year when I made this .........

based on the fabulous Advent Village designed and created by Gail Milburn for the December issue of Craft Stamper
Well ...... on Saturday I had 20 ladies all making one of their own.  They were each given a kit that had all the houses in, the numbers and a few embellishments to get them all started ...... and away they went.

Lots of tea and cake too ......

Decisions .... decisions ......

Busy little bees, weren't they.

There were lots of beautiful festive papers around too.

I've had nothing but great feedback from the afternoon ...... everyone really enjoyed themselves, even though no-one actually finished their village on the day!
I'm hoping to see lots of photographs of the finished projects ..... preferably before the beginning of December ...... this year! (are you reading this ladies?!)

I suppose it's a good thing really that I cancelled my trip to the UK this week ...... I've not exactly felt like doing much since Sunday, plus I don't think Susan would have been too happy if I shared my lurgy with her!
Yesterday was actually the first time that I'd ventured into the old craft room ...... what a mess!!  It needed a spot of tidying before I could do anything but I did eventually get a couple of things done for Blog Challenges.  I'll be back later on to share one of them with you.

Oh well ..... I think that's everything up to date.  Thanks for popping by.  I'll be back shortly with something for this week's Less is More Challenge ..... it's One Layer Week!

Enjoy your Friday

Cheerio for now ....



  1. Make sure you get some 'me' time. Take care. Love Karen x

  2. So sorry to hear you've been under the weather Linda and glad you're feeling a tad better.
    Glad you'll be back at some time with your Indigoblu projects - you know I'm a fan!!
    It's very sensible to take time out sometimes, things build up very gradually and before you know it you've no time for anything.
    Loving the work your group are involved in and can't wait for them to post their pics. no pressure!!

  3. Ah Linda, sorry to hear you have been under par but I hope you have nearly got rid of it now! I think we all have times when we just need to 'step back' from DT work, it has a habit of taking over our lives and then it is no fun anymore. Hopefully when you have had some very well earned 'me' time you will come back totally refreshed and brimming with wonderful ideas. Do make sure you take enough time though! Big hugs, Anne xx


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