Thursday, 29 June 2017

Messing about on the river .......

Happy Thursday ......

Hello everyone ..... I'm back on the island and slowly getting things back to normal.  The old craft room door is well and truly open again and things are moving along nicely.

The Norfolk Broads seem so far away ..... were we really there for a whole week, it all went by so quickly.  Here's a few snaps of our river adventure ...... don't worry I won't bore you with all the photos!!

It was a great family break, just what we all needed ....... especially these two after the busy TT fortnight. It's great that they still want to go on holiday with their mum and dad!

The weather was glorious, although we did have a thunder storm one day ..... it didn't last long though thankfully. And the temperatures cooled down a little towards the end of the week.

The boat was fantastic ....... huge but very nice! It got the seal of approval from the little man straight away

It was very spacious, easy to handle, according to the Captain .......

He didn't wear the hat very long though ..... so someone had too!!

But he did let the little man sail it for a while .....

The boat had everything we needed ..... including important things like a wine cooler!!

As you can imagine there was lots of eating and drinking over the course of the week ...... so many nice places to stop

We started out from Wroxham and travelled the Broads to Potter Heigham calling at Horning, went under Ludham Bridge and up to How Hill, Irstead and Stalham.

Back under the bridge and off to Thurne and Ludham.  Then down to Acle and Stokesbury before heading all the way back to Wroxham.
It was lovely waking up to places like this every morning ..... so peaceful

Nothing to do but relax and enjoy the scenery ....

With a great way of cooling off .......

And lots of new faces to meet each day ......

It was our first boating holiday, but I think I can safely say it won't be our last!

We finished the week off with a trip up to the north of England to visit family .... well it was my big brother's birthday!

Oh well ...... another holiday over and more great memories made.

Back to reality now ....... and what a week it's been!
Craft wise everything is on track ......  we've got a new month hurtling towards us and that means blog challenges and DT stuff to do but it's OK ....... everything's coming together nicely.
Household stuff on the other hand ..... not so much!!
Our wine was delivered that we ordered at the Good Food Show ...... half of it was the wrong stuff, so that's having to go back.
We've finally had delivery of our new dining table ..... yeah!!!  It looks beautiful BUT ...... it wobbles, like a flipping jelly!!!
Apparently there seems to be a problem with the frame and legs ..... you think!!!  It's been delivered and set up, taken away and supposedly fixed, delivered and set up again and it stills wobbles! Not as much but we're still not happy.   So ...... that's going back.  Good job we didn't get rid of the old one. Hopefully the store can come up with a suitable solution ..... soon!!

On a brighter note hubby's BBQ has just been delivered ..... it's BIG!!!  It's currently sat on a palette outside the front door in a box big enough to live in.  We just need to get it unpacked and in place and hope that the rain stops long enough for us to use it .... happy days!

Thanks for popping by ..... normal service will resume shortly with lots of crafty posts.  Enjoy the rest of your day.  I'm off to tackle the mountain of washing and ironing today .... I'm determined to get it all finished .... wish me luck!

Cheerio until next time ......

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Loll said...

What a gorgeous place to vacation!! Looks like you had perfect weather all week. Fantastic pictures of your beautiful family, Linda. Thanks for sharing. xx