Monday, 9 May 2022

A quick catch up before we're off again .........

Good morning!   Happy Monday.

May is flying by ...... it's a busy month for us, and ...... the TT is back!!!!  Can't wait.  There's a lot going on before that though!

Well, we're back home ........ for the next few days at least.  
We're off on our travels again on Friday this week.  Not in the van this time though.  
We're off to the Norfolk Broads, hiring a boat this time and spending a week on the water.  The long range weather forecast is looking good at the moment, fingers crossed it stays that way.

Last time I blogged we were on Lucksall Campsite, in a place called Mordiford in Herefordshire.  A lovely campsite, by the River Wye.  
We stayed 4 nights, it was so peaceful.  Hubby managed to work during the day and then we spent the evenings by the river ......... living the dream!!

It was a lovely spot, we walked by the river, and into the local village ........

As you can see, the weather was lovely, we'll definitely be back here at some point.

Our next stop was Tewkesbury ........ a busy little campsite right in the middle of the town, in the shadow of Tewkesbury Abbey

We had four nights here, so plenty of time to explore.
We went to see the Abbey .....

This was huge! ........ a stunning Copper Beech tree in the grounds

There was also this going on behind the Abbey ......


Every year in July, they re-enact the Battle of Tewkesbury (the War of the Roses) at the Tewkesbry Medieval Festival.  There's knights in armour, cannons, and soldiers.  Townsfolk in medieval dress, sleeping in traditional tents, cooking and eating typical food, and showing how life was back then.

What we saw was a prequel to all that ....... showing the amour and weapons used.  It was all very interesting.  Unfortunately we won't be back this year for the actual battle but, it's now on our to do list.

As always, we had to find a watering hole or two.
This place was a must ........  Stephen's mum and dad spent their honeymoon here, in 1963.  Looks like it hasn't changed much

And this place was a little gem ......

Good food, nice wine ......

Whilst hubby was working in the van, I took the opportunity to have a play in an art journal that I had with me.  Nothing too fancy, I had minimal supplies with me ......... coloured pencils and a few wax crayons, a couple of ink pads and the odd stencil.   Word stickers, a few pieces from my bits box (backgrounds, mop up cards, that sort of thing) and some pages that I pre-stamped before we left.

A bit of ink blending and colouring ......

A little bit of collage ...... love these Kate Crane images

Practicing with my coloured pencils ........

and a little bit of doodling on an old stenciled card.

I also doodled on a messy painted page from a workshop that I never got around to finishing

It's still not finished, but it's getting there.

I think this is going to become my version of a junk journal ........ my van journal.  
It's a ring binder so I can add or take stuff out as I go along.  I've already put a few more different pages in there, some that have been started, and some blank.   Lets see where it takes me!

Thanks for popping by ..... enjoy the rest of your day.
It's time to start packing for the next trip now.

Cheerio until next time ........


Kath said...

Great photos of your travels - we've been to both sites and enjoyed both.

Your van journal is great too.

Kath x

Loll said...

I love to hear all about your travels in the UK, Linda. Hubby and I have been big fans of "Escape to the Country" for years and have love seeing the amazing scenery and historial towns via that show. I can imagine that it must be breathtaking to see it in real life. There's definitely no moss growing under your feet ... you have done a lot of travelling since getting the van. And the lovely weather always seems to follow along with you. How wonderful! LOVE your van journal and all the lovely and creative pages you are doing while away. So fun to add your art to the vacations. Love, Loll

Bonnie said...

What fun journal pages, Linda! Thanks for sharing your journey! I'm sure enjoying traveling with you!

nancy littrell said...

TFS your camping trip photos, Linda and your journal photos...Wow! We just got back from our 3 week camping/hiking trip. When Denny took his 2 backpack trips (photographing Ancient Bristlecone Pines) I stayed in our trailer (19 ft Airstream) and created card fronts to finish into cards when we got home. I have finished 4 cards that you will see in June and July and have several more to finish. Your trip sounded and looked awesome, mf...Love and Hugs...Nancy

Cathy said...

Wonderful pics and travel tales! Sounds like you are having a great trip, your van journal looks brilliant too, Cathy x